Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review of Creative Suite Launch Party - San Jose

I recently attended an event at the Tech Museum in San Jose, spotlighting the newly released Adobe Creative Suite 6 software suite.
The Adobe Creative Suite User Group from San Jose hosted the event in conjunction with Adobe in the iMAX theater at the Tech Museum on Tuesday, June 5. There were roughly 120 people in attendance. Everyone received some Adobe swag, and a lucky few won software giveaways.
The evening event featured 3 presentations highlighting new features in CS6 software applications: Premier, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe Product Manager Al Mooney highlighted new features and improvements in Adobe Premier, Adobe's video editing software. Al is a great speaker and his witty English sense of humor really shined and helped show off the application and new features. I'm not a Premier user but from Al's demos, it was clear that the upgrade with version 6 is massive and vastly improves the product and brings its status up to world class editing application.

Adobe Photoshop was presented by Kelly McCathran, Author and Adobe certified instructor. Kelly was involved in Beta-testing CS6 Photoshop and showed many examples of new features. Kelly showed how the application menus have been redesigned to be consistent with Premier and other creative suite applications. And that the Photoshop environment is different and settings make  it editable based on your individual preferences. Kelly also had some great photography tips. She started out by saying that PhotoShop has much better implentation of the RAW file format and she showed how users can open even phone photographs, which were originally in JPEG original format, she showed how they can be saved as RAW, manipulated without ever changing the source image, and output as a duplicate with great visual results. 

Adobe Illustrator was presented by Sally Cox. Due to time restraints Sally only had about 10 minutes left to go through her content. Sally primarily focused on the most exciting new feature of Illustrator; the ability to apply a gradient blend to a stroke. You really have to see a demo to really grasp the impact of this feature. It is a game changer.

The give-aways followed and my raffle ticket was numerically only off by 2 for a free copy of Adobe Master Collection (valued at over $2600)! I did walk away with a page of snazzy Adobe stickers, a t-shirt and a reusable Adobe shopping bag. The Adobe Community liaison, whose name I didn't catch, let the large croud in a fun game of rock/paper/scissors for one of the giveaways. The rochambeau match made losing so much easier to take.
Overall I was glad I went to the event though I had hoped that the event would focus more on Illustrator rather than Premier. But Al Mooney is such a great speaker, I learned a lot about an application I own (personally; in version 5.5) but knew little about. I didn't get to socialize with the group much at all, as the focus of the event was really to show the Adobe Suite, but am confident future meetings of the user groups will have more of a social angle.

Al Mooney is the Adobe Video Editing Product Manager
Kelly McCathran is the organizer of the user group Creative Suite Lovers, based in San Francisco.
Sally Cox is the organizer of the user group Adobe Creative Suite User Group, based in San Jose.

 Denis Sweeney is an Artist and User Experience Designer based in the Bay Area.

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