Monday, August 29, 2011

Denis408 Shirt Design --Selected Favorites

By Denis Sweeney

Check out a couple of new, original shirt designs that I created under my Denis408 label (
The Chi Whiz, and the Piping Hot Wifi shirts are my new designs available now on Zazzle.
Zazzle allows you to get any of these designs on any size and many different styles of clothes and other printed products.
Chi Whiz

Piping Hot Wifi

Dead Cat Cartoon Character

Hottie Shirt

JFK Shirt

Lizard Head Shirt

Lizard Head Shirt 2

Celtic Infinity Shirt

P.T. Barnum

Ritz Cleaners

Rotary Dial Shirt

Star burst

Subtle 5 Shirt

Walking Figure on Waves

These are some other favorite shirt designs I created over the past several years. They're like my kids and I think they're all awesome, but these are popular and have withstood the test of time.

45 RPM record insert

Designs copyright 2011 by Denis M. Sweeney

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ildi said...

I LOVE your t shirts, denis, and as soon as at least a few of my 25 short sleeve, 2 3/4 sleeve, and 4 long sleeve wear out.........i'll order from you and you alone!