Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Response (QR) Codes, discuss

Quick Response (QR) Codes, discuss

by Denis M. Sweeney | 6/14/2011
QR Code for this Blog Post
QR Codes aren't terribly new. --They were created in Japan in 1994 (according to Wikipedia), but since they are used more and more, I thought I'd post some scenarios for use, as well as some helpful links to help you create your own QR links. Quick Response codes are basically two-dimensional bar codes that can be interpreted by a mobile phone camera with a code-reading app. One example of a reader app is an app called Barcode Reader, free on Android phones. To give you an idea of the level of adoption that is out there; I recently saw a QR code on the label of some fruit I was buying at the supermarket! Clearly, it is about time you learned more and/or stared using these convenient codes (or using them more.)

What are some applications where you might employ something like this?
Here are a few:
  • Link to your latest blog posting [scan here]
  • Link to the band’s mailing list/ Hear about upcoming gigs: [scan here]
  • Link to "Check out our web page: [scan here]"
  • Order our new (product/CD/service) [scan here]
  • Lost Puppy [scan here for more photos and contact info]
  • Include on a business card [scan here]
  • Include on a Band poster/CD/website. Booking info: [scan here]

I highly recommend the use of QR codes, they're becoming more and more popular and can be printed on anything. --Makes a great tattoo too!








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