Monday, April 4, 2011

Exploring the Limitations of Google TV

Exploring the Limitations of Google TV

by Denis Sweeney | 4 April, 2011 
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A huge problem facing Google TV is that a growing number of sites are blocking the content to Google TV.
Rumor has it that Google will release the source code to the community and I suspect when that happens, modifications to it, and information about modifications will be much easier to find, and also more prevalent.
In addition to the Sony Google TV box, I have a laptop which connects right to my HDTV. It is interesting that I can surf quickly and easily with that device, but on the same TV, using Google TV, so much content is blocked. What a crock! If I had a remote for the laptop, it'd be close, but still wouldn't combine the experience of TV watching and web browsing.
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Note: I have a stand-along Sony NSZ-GTI Google TV box with Blu-Ray CD player, so I am partial to info about that specific box. Other models include the Logitech Review,and several other Sony models; one of which has Google TV built right into the TV.

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