Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Featured Designs from Denis408: 'Zilla!

Featured Designs from Denis408

By Denis M. Sweeney
2010, Aug 3
This is the first in a periodic series of blog posts. This new feature will highlight some of the illustrations I have produced over the last couple of years. This expanded format allows me to go into a little more detail than I can/do on my store.

'Zilla Destroying City (illustration) Shirt


‘Zilla is pissed!
He’s kicking ass and taking names.
He took a big ol’ bite out of your piddly little skyscraper!

Celebrate everyone’s favorite giant lizard with this custom illustration, available in lots of different colors and styles of shirts.

About the Design...

This design was done in Adobe Illustrator. I used a movie still as inspiration and for reference. By blurring and removing some detail, I (try to) bring a punk design sensibility to it. I also added blends in destructive fire colors, and stylized fire to add a cartoon quality to it as well.

The 'Zilla design is very popular and is being worn by folks in California, Ohio, New York and Arizona!

The Denis408 store has over 150 designs available.
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