Wednesday, July 21, 2010

crAbbey road figure study, with apologies

First draft of Abbey Road Illustration

CrAbbey Road figure study, no apologies.

By Denis Sweeney
2010, 21 July
I have been studying the scene in the famous Beatles image. There is a lot going on in the image, from the tree and cars, to the guy in the suit on the sideline, to the architecture. And the classic vanishing point perspective really works in focusing the viewers attention on the Ruttles in the foreground, but allows the eye to travel too.

I moved the VW in the photo so it didn't overlap with George... because I could. I also expanded the image a bit wider than the album cover.

As I add more detail I will try to show some progress in this occasional graphical process posting.

2010, 22 July update: 
Drawing Progress: trees, shadows, details

I worked a bit more on this image and found a better source image with lots more detail. I had never noticed that the black van vehicle in the image is actually a police van. I highly recommend the wikipedia page about Abbey Road. It has lots of details about the image history, the photographer and the circumstances around the photo. Incidentally, the cover photograph was taken by photographer Iain Macmillan. Also check out the "related links" at the bottom of that wikipedia page. Great stuff!
There are so many cars in the image. They pretty much fill the street on the right side. Those cars and the details of the fab four and the biggest remaining things to work on in the image. Thats it for now.

RIP George and John

Until next time...