Sunday, October 25, 2009

Efforts Paid Off

Well, my efforts over the past month or so really paid off. It was a busy time marketing myself, but now I'm even busier. --I am contracting for a startup company in Redwood Shores, doing a freelance web design project collaboratively with fellow designer Dave Larson, and working on projects with a couple buddies (including the Android app "Bubbles" and the new one "Bubbles Deluxe" which has colored bubbles, allows custom backgrounds and an automatic "bubble machine" mode.)

Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy being busy and am engaged and excited about each of the project that are happening right now.

And Redwood Shores is a new area for me, so visually, as a photographer, I have some new places to explore and images to capture.

The kids are enjoying their new schedule (now that I'm not home w/ them after school.) They have a program that doesn't require bussing, and has lots of their school and summer camp friends.

I have also had the opportunity to check out some new apps: Google Wave, and Threadly. I will write more about them both once I've tested them more thoroughly, but my initial impressions of both are quite positive.