Monday, July 13, 2009 Redesign is Live

Not about Michael Jackson's Alleged Death
I know, I know... Every blogger is legally obligated to write about the death of Michael Jackson, but I won't do it!! They can arrest me, or do whatever it is that the Patriot Act people do to bloggers who don't/won't walk the line! Redesign is Live
I'm writing about the update to my Web Site. I had done some updates to the site, but a complete overhaul was overdue.

This time around, I chose to go with the old Usability adage "simpler is better", and I distilled it down to a profile section as the primary focus, and then a series of links to my social networking links across the "pipes" we call the Interweb(!)

I incorporated more images this time too.
The big news on the site posted today, is that I am now looking for UE/UCD/ Interaction Design opportunities in the SF Bay Area.

In Other Big News!
I am finishing up my project at Cisco and looking for the next thing.
If you know of any opportunities, please send them my way, or point them to my website:

It's back to wireframing for me. Thanks for reading!