Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Capture Fox

I have nothing to do with the site I'm discussing today, but I like to share cool applications when I see them.
I do a lot of Web Design and Interaction Design. There are many times where I am developing for a secure or closed system that isn't accessible from the "outside world". Typically I will take screen shots of every page and thread them together in PowerPoint presentation, or in an Acrobat PDF file, and get something that resembles the application I designed. There are times when that isn't enough. Interaction can often be missed in a static screen shot.

Today I found a free application that was developed for web-casters and people who do a lot of demos and instruction. It is called Capture Fox and it is a Firefox add-on written by Zafer G├╝rel, that captures your screen and records all the screen actions as an .AVI movie file.

Displaying a video shows the application working without forcing the user to navigate. I find that a video file puts you more in the "presenter" role and the viewer less in the "User" role. A movie is also historical. You can be more sure that it will not fail or crash (great for those early prototypes you want to show off!)

Installation and operation are really simple. I had the end-product I wanted within 20 minutes! Great product. And did I mention the price?! Free! --Check it out.