Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wacky Bathroom Sign

bathroom sign
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From a usability perspective, I was baffled to find these engraved signs in every restroom of a public building in the area.
Millions of questions suddenly rushed through my head...
— Is this "toilet seat standing" really a big problem?
— Was it really enough of a problem that signs were custom designed, created, and installed?
— Did a committee review this and say "Yes, this is the message that we want to publish?"
— Was it something cultural, or sexual that caused this "problem" in the first place?
— Perhaps it was an imagined problem? Maybe they'll come out with a list of other rules of potential problems like: "Don't touch your bum on the handles or fixtures" or "Because of the forces of gravity and for your own safety, please no stage-diving from the commode"
Please help me in coming up with other suggestions for possible signs for this organization to post! Lets help them out!

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