Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thievery Corp

Our house was robbed last Friday. I was gone for one hour and theives broke in, stole our Nintendo Wii, an iPod, a laptop, money and a folder ready to go to our safe deposit box. Admittedly it could have been much worse, but what a pain in the butt! Most of it has been fixed. But every day something else appears or we notice something else missing. I was able to replace all of our birth certificates right away. Today I went to the social security office to replace my card and my kids' cards. My twins are 4 yrs old. I brought the birth certificates because they are the most official identification I have for the kids. But it turns out that the Social Security Office won't accept Birth Certificates as proof of identification for them! They claim that Birth Certificates are public records, and that anyone can order them. The only things they will accept for ID for kids are vaccination records, school IDs (my kids aren't in school yet) or insurance cards. I'm sure they would take State IDs too... the ones issued by the DMV.
It just seems weird to me that they accept vaccination records over a birth certificate. Is it just me?